St Kyneburgha, Castor 900 Celebrations

Join us for the St Kyneburgh 900 Celebrations.

Another century gone! It's that time again to celebrate the wonderful St Kyneburgha Church and its history in our community.

The 17th April 1124 was an auspicious day. According to an inscription above the priest's door in the south wall of the chancel of St Kyneburgha's Church this was the day on which the building was consecrated. It is very unusual for the exact consecration date of a building of this age to be recorded.

Although we cannot be certain what happened on this special day, it is very likely that Bishop Alexander, the then Bishop of Lincoln visited Castor to perform the ceremony. He would probably have been accompanied by monks from nearby Peterborough Abbey under whose direction the ruinous church of St Kyneburgha was rebuilt. What they created is now regarded as one of the nation's architectural treasures. Not only this, the building has remained at the heart of the villages of Castor and Ailsworth for the past nine hundred years. At the consecration ceremony the building was dedicated as a space set apart for God and a place where people can find, peace, tranquility and safety. The building has changed slightly over the past nine centuries but in essence it remains the same sacred place which was set apart back in the first part of the twelfth century.

As we approach the 900th anniversary of the building being formally designated as a church, a place of Christian worship and witness, we invite you to join us at 6.30pm on 17th April 2024 when we look forward to welcoming Bishop Alexander back to Castor once again. We hope to re-enact what might have happened when the bishop visited some nine centuries ago. We plan to give thanks and to celebrate the important part St. Kyneburgha's Church has played in the lives of Castor and Ailsworth. We aim to make the occasion a special birthday party for our village church. It will be fun so do come along - All are welcome.

The celebrations on 17th April are just the beginning. We have a whole range of exciting and enjoyable celebratory events planned to cater for all interests and ages. For more information about these and to obtain tickets for events which are ticketed please click here


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