Christenings or Baptisms

Christening or Baptism is the ceremony which marks the beginning of life as a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ. Both adults and children can be christened and we welcome people of all ages to be christened at all of our churches. The ceremony may take place during the main Sunday service or you may wish to request a private ceremony at another time.

A christening service can be a joyful family celebration, but it is more than that. Christening is the ceremony through which people can formally join the Church; the community who seek to follow Jesus Christ. This is an important step which should involve careful thought and preparation. To help people prepare a member of our pastoral team will usually arrange to visit candidates in their homes when they will explain the ceremony and also complete a short form for our records. A certificate, baptism candle and book of prayers is presented to each candidate following their baptism.

There is no fee charged for a baptism but if the baptism is to take place at a private ceremony, and you would like to have hymns, we may be able to arrange either an organist or pianist to come and play for a fee. (£45).

Private baptism services are usually offered, subject to availability, on a Sunday at 12noon at Castor or 12:30pm at any other church within the benefice.

If you decide you cannot make the christening promises, but would still like to ask for God’s blessing on your child, a service of thanksgiving can be arranged.

The Cedar Centre, located next to door to St Kyneburgha Church is an ideal venue for a baptism party.  To find out more please click here

Each year we also prepare members of our church for First Communion. The First Communion service takes place each November.

For further information or to book a baptism please contact the Parish Administrator, Jo Morris tel: 01733 380900 or email: