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Funeral Post All Souls 1999

Funeral List 1999




Leslie Alexander                   Sue Spence   wdw                25 Thoralds Way Castor

SPENCE(61)                          d. 2 Nov 99

9 Nov 99                                                Peterborough Crem.

Ashes Castor 10 Nov 99.



Tracey Jane                           Dawn Edwards sis.   10a Stocks Hill, Castor

Parker (35)                                             d. 1 Dec 99                            Peterborough PE5 7AZ

8.Dec 99                                 Marholm Church

Ashes Marholm 4 Jan 2000.



Ernest James                         Mrs.I.M.Kimber. dau.          17. Helpston road. Ailsworth

Davis (93)                                              d. 7. Dec.99                    Peterborough PE5 7AE

15. Dec. 99                                             Marholm Crem.


Roland Cecil Harry      Mr. C. Longfoot son                14A.Church Hill,Castor

Longfoot (83)                        d.26.Dec.99.                                          Peterborough.

6.Jan.2000.                                             Castor Church.

Ashes Castor 30 Jan 2000.


Winifred May                       Mr. P.M.Hammond.son.18.Banams Close, Castor

Hammond(92)                       d. 2.Jan.2000.                                             Peterborough.

14.Jan.2000.                           Peterborough Crematorium.

Ashes Peterborough Crematorium


Harold Walter                       Mrs.B.H.Osborne.wife. 117. Peterborough Road

Osborne(80)                          d 8.Jan.2000.                                             Ailsworth

19. Jan.2000.                          Castor Church                      Peterborough PE5 7AJ

Ashes Castor 12.Feb 2000.


Geoffery Frank                      Mrs J.M. Hill.wife.                428 Oundle Road

Hill (69)                                  d.18.Jan.2000.                                       Orton Longueville

27.Jan.2000.                           Peterborough Crematorium                Peterborough PE2 7DB

Ashes Castor 17.Feb 2000.


Francis Brian                         Mrs.Patsy Smith.dau.                          83,Stag Lees,

O’Connor(67)                        d.8.Feb.2000.                                         Ashstead,

21.Feb.2000.                          Castor Church                                   Surrey.KT21 2TL




Stewart James                       Keith Hesleton &Lisa Spencer. 173 Kirkwood

Hesleton (3mths)                                  d.13.Feb.2000.                       Bretton

28.Feb.2000.                          Marholm Church

Interment Marholm.


Harriet Anne Jennifer  Peter Cheney wdr                           Chase House

Cheney (46)                          d. 23 Feb 2000.                       Monington-on-Wye

1 Mar 2000.                            St.John Baptist                   Hereford




Mary (Molly)                        Albert Burgess wdr                          2 The Bungalow

Burgess                                                 d 6 Mar.2000.                                               Maffit Road

16 Mar 2000.                 St.Kyn. Taken by Meth Min.                        Ailsworth

Ashes Intered Castor 10 April 2000.



Janet                                       Caroline Blackadder dau                Mercia House

Blackadder (85)                     d. 31 Mar. 2000.                              P’boro Road

5 April 2000.                          Castor                                                    Castor

Ashes intered16 Apr


Jean Monica Jackson (70) d.27 Apr 2000.

Wife of Stanley Jackson

3 Carlton Court Castor

Funeral 8 May 2000. Peterborough Crematorium

Ashes Intered Castor 14 May 2000.


Percy Roland Dexter (81) d.4 June 2000.

Husband of Doreen Dexter

9 Carlton Court Castor

Funeral 14 June 2000. Castor followed by burial


John Killian Murphy (69) d.20 June 2000

Husband of Audrey Murphy

Old School House, Marholm

Funeral 28 June Marholm followed by burial


Millie Irene Read (93) d.26 July 2000.

Widow of George Read formerly of The Old Rectory Marholm

Son George Read, Oakfields, Ashton, Stamford

Funeral 4 Aug 2000. at Marholm followed by cremation

Ashes interred Marholm 5 Aug 2000.


Amanda Jane Currie (51) d. 30 July 2000

Wife of David Currie

20 Milton Way, S.Bretton PE3 9AP

Funeral 7 Aug Castor followed by cremation


Christa Irmela Irene Ward (59) d.13 Aug 2000.

Wife of Michael Ward

16 Maiden Lane, Stamford PE9 2AZ

Funeral 21 Aug 2000. at Castor followed by burial.



Arthur Francis Bradshaw (78) d.16 Aug 2000.

Son Ian Bradshaw 5 Woodcroft Road Marholm

Funeral 24 Aug 2000 at Marholm followed by cremation

Ashes 30 Aug 2000.


Kim Bamford still born 26 Aug 2000.

Son of Derek and Julie Bamford 107 Hyholmes Bretton

Funeral 31 Aug 2000 at Marholm followed by burial


Caroline Helena (Doll)Hogg (81)d 6 Sept2000

Dau Carol Victoria Hewitt The Retreat 1 P’Boro Road Castor PE5 7AX

Funeral 14 Sept 2000 at Castor followed by cremation

Ashes Castor 27th Jan 2001


Winifred Ellen Smith (79) d 26th Sept 2000.

Son Andrew Smith. 21 Thorolds Way Castor

Dau Carol Boyal

Funeral 5 Oct Castor followed by cremation (Rev J Barley)

Ashes 17 Nov 2000


Elsie May Taylor (88) d 6 Oct 2000.

Son Dennis Taylor 6 Welland Close, Raunds NN9 6SQ

Funeral 16th Oct 2000 at Ailsworth Chapel followed by burial in Castor Church Yard


Internment of Ashes.

Frederick George

Johnson (79)                         d 9 Jan.2000.

Ashes Intered Marholm 3 Feb 2000.


Clive Fredrick Edwards(63) Ashes Intered Castor 21 March 2000.

Bro of Sharon Fitzjohn.

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