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Our benefice services for Holy Week are as follows:
Monday 15th April 8pm Night Prayer, Sung Compline led by Castor Choir at Castor Church
Tuesday 16th April 8pm Night Prayer at Castor Church
Wednesday 17th April 10am Holy Communion at Castor and 8pm Night Prayer at Castor Church
Thursday 18th April – Maundy Thursday 8pm Commemoration of the Last Supper at Castor Church
Friday 19th April – Good Friday 10am Children’s Activities & Service at Castor Church 2pm Good Friday service at Castor Church
Saturday 20th April – Easter Eve 8pm Easter Vigil at Castor Church
Sunday 21st April – Easter Day 8am Holy Communion at Castor Church, 9am Holy Communion at Marholm, Sutton and Upton Churches, 10:15am at Castor Church and 6pm Holy Communion at Stibbington Church.